Not Sure About Visiting?

We would be happy to answer some questions you may have.

Is it possible to have a church that is focused on the LOVE of God and not driven by MONEY, internal politics, and denominational doctrine? Can a church capture all the life giving elements and EMPOWER people to live a life of love in the world today? Can a church meet people's needs and help them MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the world today

Having come from churches that were huge, emphasized money, and preach doctrinal distinctives we find Heartland to be more like the church we always dreamed about; a place where God's love flows through our hearts to our world.

For us it is all about LOVE, EMPOWERMENT, and MAKING A DIFFERENCE in the world today. In a nut shell; Being everything God intends us to be.

Here are some key thoughts about Heartland

  • We believe Jesus is bigger than any one denomination or religion.
  • We are a Giving Back congregation. 
  • There is NOTHING greater than love, PERIOD!
  • There is so much to learn and discover about the world that we need all the resources that science and technology can give us so that we can be EVERYTHING God wants us to be.
  • We value ritual in a fresh way; touching the sacred, as we are.
  • Kids? They are the future, so are the ones still stuck in time to be.

We meet Sunday Morning at 10AM at a dance studio that has a great auditorium for us (Before it was a dance studio it was the old Fresno Bible House.).We are a smaller church with an average attendance of about 60 people. Most people dress somewhat casually. Our children enjoy our creative interactive Sunday school. We enjoy the warm feeling of community. We don't sit lecture style but at round tables. We have a coffee and refreshment table that is stocked each week with wonderful treats supplied by our good people. Many people bring their own Bible and we have extras for those who don't.

We have old people, middle age people, young families and children; if feels like an inter-generational family. We have a great music team, Paul Aleman and Jana Eastin. Paul is a great guitarist and vocalist and Jana leads with her voice. We sing familiar contemporary songs and ancient hymn occasionally. The pastor's presentation is interactive. He begins with the scripture lessons for the week, explains them clearly and briefly and applies them to everyday life with inspiration, encouragement and empowerment. We have a meaningful communion service every week. We recite the Apostles Creed and the Lord's Prayer together every week. The pastor leads a brief prayer time that is spiritual and often touching.