Jana 9-2014
wedding party hi res


Have you ever noticed how songs of the world seem to see love so clearly? Songs like "To Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan, and "It's Something That We Do" by Clint Black remind me there is such a need to LOVE in this world. We sing about it, we market it, we make incredible movies about it, but we don't all understand it. As a member of Heartland Community, I feel a personal obligation to make sure everyone I come in contact with feels love. I do that with music- songs that inspire your heart to love a little more and live a little longer. I believe in worship that begins from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment your eyes drift closed at night (or whenever they close, lol). As I grow and learn about the infinite love God has for ALL of us, I am inspired to share, knowing everything I do I do for the glory of Him who made me.  I want your time at our church to be filled with laughter and stories, with songs that touch your heart, with words of wisdom for a complex world, and most of all, LOVE. 

i love you 2